An intimate conversation on how I claim my throne

I used to be my own worst boss. I'm sharing my journey of how I switched to become my own best friend. How I now treat, hold, support, romance, and love myself.

For a long long long time. Way too long time. I had the belief that you can’t love yourself too much. It’s snob. (For others) C’est « frais chié ». (For others) It’s « too much ». (For others) You will take too much space. (For others) For others… But who gave them the permission. I did. I am taking it back a little everyday. For who? For me. There is plenty enough love for everyone. There is plenty enough space for everyone. Love you. Do you. Be you. SELF Masterclass

Course curriculum

    1. Unveiling the 'Why' Behind the 'Self'

    1. The Steps to Unleash Your Best Self

    1. Rising Above Societal Expectations

    1. Meditation: A Guide Journey Within

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An Absolute Must

Neha Nankoo

This masterclass gave me the push to understand that I am truly capable of doing anything I set my mind too. Marjorie also offers a few exercises to do, which really put things into perspective, and make me realize things I had never known about myself. Thank you Marjorie<3

Deeply Grateful: The SELF Masterclass Ignited a Profound Shift Within Me

Elle Ferrari

I couldn't wait to share how the SELF Masterclass has been such a game-changer for me. It came into my life right when I needed that extra push. It's not just lessons; it's like this unique mentorship that vibes perfectly with my soul. Every call feels like a heart-to-heart with a friend who gets me. And those reflective exercises? They're like these little wisdom nuggets that hit home. I'm not kidding, with each session, it's like my perspective does a 180. I'm loving myself in ways I didn't know possible. This Masterclass? It's like this secret path to owning who I really am and ditching all that old baggage. Seriously, I'm pumped for the next Masterclass like it's a new episode of my favorite show. Marjorie, you've created something beyond special. Thanks for being the force behind this life-changing experience. Your Self Masterclass is like my roadmap to becoming the ideal version of me I've always wanted to be.